Register for a FREE American Sailing ID

Before you start your classes at your nearest American Sailing school, you will need to get an American Sailing Identification Number (ASID). It’s like a sailing social security number that you will have forever. It’s very important because all of your sailing certifications and history will be tied to your ASID.

You will need your ASID when you:

  • Take any American Sailing classes at a school or online
  • Purchase an American Sailing Membership
  • Use any membership benefit in the Sailor Portal

Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost anything and only takes 60 seconds to fill out the necessary information.

Do I already have an ASID?

You may already have an ASID if you've taken a sailing course, have an ASA Logbook, or have been an ASA Member in the past. The easiest way to find your ASID is to login to the Sailor Portal.

How do I get my ASID?

Simply fill out the form below, confirm your email address, and we'll create an ASID for you. We'll also create an account for you in our Sailor Portal where you can manage all your sailing certifications and more.

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